October Review Round Up

Took some time off reviews in October. Still got a fair bit done, but I had some Dream Theater related distractions going on. Seriously, if you ever get a chance to see them live, do it. We all know Petrucci’s talent is as colossal as his ego, but I was mesmerised by Mangini, Myung, and Rudess all night. A fantastic live performance.

Back to the reviews and Decapitated delivered the goods this month. Blood Mantra is polished death metal perfection, delivering non-stop pummelling action. It had competion though. Panopticon especially came close to the crown with their novel approach to black metal.

Back to it. November’s going to be huge too. Enjoy October’s releases and I’ll be back next month.

Album of the Month
Decapitated – Blood Mantra
(Death metal – Poland)
Nuclear Blast – 2014/09/26


Decapitated are back and they have landed with an absolute killer of an album. Underscoring the success of this album is the stellar performance of Młody on drums. What this man can do with the sticks is amazing. From this unshakeable bedrock the rest of the band build a spectacular monument to the grandeur of death metal. The bass lines are monstrous, the riffs huge and memorable, and the vocals pack a hell of a punch. Blood Mantra is a deathly masterclass.
Try before you buy: Veins (YouTube)

Honourable Mentions
Ironic Reversal – Clonus
(Death metal – India)
Self-released – 2014/10/15


A fantastic debut release, Ironic Reversal neatly straddle progressive and technical death metal while also incorporating traditional Indian song structures. I imagine that had it been poorly executed, it would have been an overwrought exercise in tedium. But they execute it brilliantly. Guitars, drums, vocals, all brilliant. There are so many moving pieces in Clonus; that they keep it all in order is the mark of a band who are masters of their craft.
Try before you buy: Simulants (Bandcamp)

Electric Wizard – Time to Die
(Doom metal – United Kingdom)
Spinefarm Records – 2014/09/29


The doyens of distortion are back with a new album loaded with bonged out riffs and crushing misanthropy. Moving away from the Hammer Horror of their recent releases and revisiting the raw hatred of the Dopethrone era definitely makes for a more mature sounding album. I love songs about Drugula as much as the next person, it can get a bit much. Thematic chages aside, Time to Die is still loaded with the infectious riffs that make the band brilliant.
Try before you buy: We Love the Dead (YouTube)

Fvck Mountain – Dead Dogs
(Hardcore – Australia)
Self-released – 2014/10/02


As I listened to Dead Dogs it slowly dawned on me that I may be listening to the best hardcore release of the year. It’s certainly the best of the year so far. I’ve listened to plenty of hardcore that matches them for anger, but no one comes close to them it terms of compositional skill. Other bands are thuggish arse-kickers; Fvck Mountain are professional boxers. They turn violence into a display of utmost technicality. Hardcore at its finest.
Try before you buy: Violence (Bandcamp)

Horsehunter – Caged in Flesh
(Sludge metal – Australia)
Self-released – 2014/09/30


These Melbourne sludge lords get everything right on Caged in Flesh. Huge fuzzed riffs ooze along like some sort of monstrous Down/Electric Wizard hybrid. You don’t need to be told to bang your head; you just will. You have no choice. The solos are some of the most spirited efforts you will hear this year. The occasional rough edges somehow add to the atmosphere. Even the weakest track on the album will kill the competition. It’s that good.
Try before you buy: Witchery (Bandcamp)

Iprit – Iprit
(Black metal – Russia)
Self-released – 2014/10/01


More of this, please. These Russians know exactly how to write top tier black metal. It sounds like they’ve reverse engineered progressive black metal bands, such as Enslaved or later Emperor, in order to make a more primitive version of that sound. This ensures an ep that maintains a rich tone, but always goes for the throat. Refusing to give in to traditionally kvlt tropes only makes the ep stronger. Powerful and dominant from start to finish.
Try before you buy: Солнце не взойдет (Bandcamp)

Panopticon – Roads to the North
(Blackgrass – United States of America)
Bindrune Recordings – 2014/08/01


Panopticon stands as testimony to black metal’s ability to infest any other genre it chooses; in this case, it’s bluegrass. More importantly, it’s not a gimmick. Roads to the North is absolutely coruscating black metal that incorporates Southern song structure and fiddles in a way that pays due homage to the band’s Kentucky heritage. The end result is an album that is both ferocious and soulful. Thoroughly engaging from start to finish.
Try before you buy: Where Mountains Pierce the Sky (Bandcamp)

The Rest in Alphabetical Order
Advent – Touched
(Doom metal – Russia)
Existential Delirium Records – 2014/10/09


This is a doom album, so I’m kind of concerned that I can use criticisms that I usually level at metalcore. Firstly, the clean vocals are not good. But, thankfully, they are sparse. Secondly, and more importantly, is the music is thoroughly inconsequential. It maintains a simple rhythm that can be headbanged along to, but there isn’t anything beyond that to recommend. That they manage to not sound terrible is not a selling point to boast about.
Try before you buy: Anthem of Regrets (Bandcamp)

Albura – Origen
(Hardcore – Argentina)
Self-released – 2014/10/05


Fuck pretty. Fuck complicated. Fuck it all. Albura write stripped back hardcore: big on catchy riffs, bigger on outright violence. Each track is the equivalent to a punch in the face. Even slower tracks have an air of lingering malevolence, like your attacker isn’t quite sure where to hit you. Yet. This whole panoply of aggression would fall apart at the seems but for the fact that the songs are memorable in their simplicity. Classic hardcore menace.
Try before you buy: Hipotensión (Bandcamp)

ColumnIII – Forrotian
(Noise rock – United States of America)
Self-released – 2014/10/15


Noise rock (and noise metal for that matter) is not the easiest sound to pull off. Bands like Today is the Day and Unsane do it well; ColumnIII not so much. It’s unfortunate too, as they produce a racket that could be entertaining. They even produce flashes of brilliance that, if maintained, could make them huge. But that doesn’t make up for the fact that most of their tracks are stodgy, monotonous, and dull. I still have hope for the future though.
Try before you buy: Custom to Bury (Bandcamp)

Defamer – Monolith of Filth
(Death metal – Australia)
Self-released – 2014/08/19


Monolith of Filth is an excellent example of evil condensed into sonic form. The guitar tone is ripe with sulfur and brimstone, while the vocalist spits pure balefire. But unlike other death metal acts who incorporate this sound, Defamer actually manage to keep the listening experience enjoyable. When you press play you can be confident that you’re not descending into a pit of murky, indistinguishable riffs. Lots of bands do evil, few try to look beyond it.
Try before you buy: Conflagration of Divinity (Bandcamp)

Ellorsith – 1959
(Raw black metal – United Kingdom)
Caligari Records – 2014/07/26


I’ve mentioned before that raw black metal is a commitment to a style of music with a very limited range; only the grimmest and kvltest need apply. Bearing this in mind, Ellorsith have done something remarkable: they have created an ep that truly stands out. There’s no listening for the subtle tonal or thematic differences, as 1959 is wholly unique. It remains firmly entrenched in the raw style, but still outside it. Brilliantly original murk.
Try before you buy: Lichryre (Bandcamp)

Haunt – Solar Forest
(Black metal – Canada)
Self-released – 2014/10/09


Bizarro World self-released black metal, in that it started off by killing my expectations before recovering and actually delivering a good release. The opening track rigidly adheres to traditional black metal tropes, to its detriment. It starts dull and stays there. But the remaining tracks repair all the harm, producing sophisticated tracks that hold the listener’s attention in all the ways that track 1 fails to. Excellent value for money for ¾ of the tracks.
Try before you buy: Solar Forest (Bandcamp)

Memest – Bastards and Liars
(Stoner metal – Spain)
Discos Macarras – 2014/10/01


Nothing slow or lazy about Bastards and Liars. It may sound lush and fuzzy like any self-respecting stoner album should, but it maintains an upbeat energy that is far more in keeping with Judas Priest or Motörhead than anything sludgey or doomy. I like to think of them as spiritual descendants of Karma to Burn, except capable of including lyrics. The most important thing to take away here is that Memest know how to bring the rock and the fun.
Try before you buy: We Love Rats (Bandcamp)

Pig Pride – Demo 2014
(Crust – Hungary)
Black Moon Tapes – 2014/07/01


I hope to hear more from Pig Pride, as their brand of punk is flat out enjoyable from start to finish. There’s never a dull moment. Not that you get a lot of moments for anything across its six and half minute run time. After briefly opening with whst I assume is a Magyar news broadcast (apologies if it’s not), they launch into song after song of the catchy punk. The execution, while not innovative, is close to flawless. It’s impossible not to like.
Try before you buy: Szilánk (Bandcamp)

P.S. Fuck You – You Still Suck
(Powerviolence – United States of America)
Self-released – 2014/10/17


I kind of wish this was a straight up grindcore release. The noisey and swampy interludes, while well executed, seriously detract and distract from the excellently frenetic grind passages. I know that powerviolence is supposed to be jarring and uncomfortable, but that’s not the problem with You Still Suck. The problem is that too often it smashes everything with awesome grind, then takes an energy killing breather. A pity.
Try before you buy: Pass the Knife (Bandcamp)

Ragnell – Consumed by the Eternal Darkness
(Blackened death metal – Mexico)
Frozen Archives – 2014/10/23


I’m going to summarise by saying Consumed… is pretty good, but the band need to work on their diversity. There is great potential for Ragnell to become a Belphegor-esque blast machine. It’s all there: menacing vocals, intimidating guitars, intense drums. They get thst right. The problem is they are repetitive. It’s only a five track ep and I found myself wondering if I left my player on repeat halfway through track three. Not a good thing.
Try before you buy: Embrace My Soul (Bandcamp)

Ride With Death – Endless Victories
(Heavy metal – Netherlands)
Come to the End – 2014/09/14


Why can’t I hate this? It’s as derivative as you can get without being plagiarism. And it’s really not very good technically. It’s hit and miss even with simple riffs. WHY CAN’T I HATE YOU, DAMN IT!? It’s probably because it’s cheesy enough for bottomless nachos night. And although I can’t tell whether they’re taking the piss or just give zero fucks, it’s played with such exuberance that critical concerns vanish temporarily. I’m ashamed of not being scathing.
Try before you buy: Heavy Metal Takes Its Toll (Bandcamp)

Schizocaria/Ulgard – Fögrum Dauðr
(Depressive/ambient black metal – United States of America)
Cvlminis – 2014/09/28


Ulgard’s the winner on this split, but both bands need to work on their song structure. Schizocaria’s one track is a mournful dirge that sounds like they use the one staticy riff for the first six minutes before finishing off with two minutes of spooky keyboards. Ulgard at least make their effort listenable, but bulking out their tracks with bird song and recorder seems unnecessary. Also, the keyboards sound like samples from Bubble Bobble. Mundane stuff.
Try before you buy: Zohungaar Bandcamp)

Seth.ECT – DiMethylTriptamine
(Deathly electronica- Turkey)
Self-released – 2014/10/19


Based on their bio I was expecting something very different to this. I went in expecting Obituary meets Rammstein; I got heavy electronica for people who like to headbang while wearing furry parachute pants and pinging off guts on ecstacy. Having never actually tried DMT, I can only assume they were trying to replicate the experience musically. It starts out angry but becomes increasingly spaced out and psychedelic. An interesting diversion.
Try before you buy: Orison III (Bandcamp)

Silent Wood – III – Autumn’s Light
(Black ambient – United Kingdom)
Self-released – 2014/10/01


Let me preface this review by saying I enjoyed this album. It has its flaws, but it’s still more than worth a listen. It can be a bit meandering, even by ambient standards. And there are times when you feel like the band blundered into a chill out tent at a bush doof and rolled with it. These grumbles aside, Silent Wood still succeed in creating an evocative piece of grimness that never comes close wearisome. In a genre that has raised boredom to art, that’s high praise.
Try before you buy: XIII (Bandcamp)

Slipknot -.5: The Gray Chapter
(Nu-metal – United States of America)
Roadrunner Records – 2014/10/17


Grief and catharsis fit Slipknot much better these days and has seen the band make up for the meandering effort that was All Hope is Gone. Naysayers will still point to supposed Stonesourness, but that’s unfair; every song is appropriate to the tone of the album. The band has a lot to process with the death of Paul Gray and the departure of Joey Jordison. To their credit, they have turned this negativity into an album of maturity and depth.
Try before you buy: Custer (YouTube)

Spawning Abhorence – The Cursed Earth
(Brutal death metal – United Kingdom)
Self-released – 2014/10/05


Seriously enjoyable brutality from Leeds. Resisting the urge to just chug away with grunt and slam, Spawning Abhorrence flirts with techdeath. While they never truly embrace technicality, it does allow the band to explore a sound that is truly brutal but is never repetitive or dull. They achieve this through a distinct guitar tone and one of this year’s best brutal rhythm sections. It also helps that the vocalist trades gutturalness for clarity. Nasty stuff.
Try before you buy: Delaying the Inevitable (Bandcamp)

Scott Walker and Sunn O))) – Soused
(Drone – United States of America)
4AD – 2014/10/21


Sunn O)))’s second collaboration for the year 2014 is a little challenging to get into. Scott Walker’s vocals are, unsurprisingly, starkly different to Attila Csihar’s and initially don’t seem like a natural fit. But as the album progresses it becomes apparent that his vocals are as vital to the album as Sunn O)))’s performances are. This isn’t just Walker contributing to a drone album; it’s also Sunn O))) contributing to an avant-country album. It works.
Try before you buy: Herod 2014

The Walls Concave – Void
(Deathcore – Germany)
Self-released – 2014/10/05


A few years ago, Brian Posehn wrote a song called, ‘Metal by Numbers’. After listening to Void, it popped straight into my head, as The Walls Concave have put together a generic as hell ep. It’s not bad. It’s pretty catchy to be honest. And it successfully naviagates around all the tropes that can kill a deathcore album. But there is nothing here to differentiate this band from any of the other core bands out there. It’s mosh fodder; engaging, but hardly special.
Try before you buy: Guts (Bandcamp)

Witchface – Skrekk and Gru
(Hardcore – Norway)
Self-released – 2014/10/31


A little bit too raw for its own good, Skrekk and Gru has some absolutely killer riffs and top quality vocals buried beneath far too much distortion. I get it; I assume it’s an attempt to recapture the energy of a high energy gig in a traditional, punk-friendly dive bar. And it does sound like you’re at the rail, being covered in the vocalist’s spit and getting annihilated by crowdsurfers. The problem, of course, is that it’s not live and cleaner production would be appreciated.
Try before you buy: Kunsten Å Glemme (Bandcamp)

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