March 2019 Review Round Up

It been demo month here at Metalshopped. With the exception of Overkill’s latest, which was a gift from Mrs Metalshopped, everything up for review is a demo. And I loved it. It’s a little bit more hit and miss, but I was got into some great bands right on the ground floor of what I hope are fruitful careers. I will most likely do another demo month later in the year too.

The band I was most into this month and, therefore, the album of the month is Suffering. I haven’t enjoyed an instrumental release this much in ages. It does have some vocals, to be honest, but they’re so few and far between that what you are really experiencing is band relying on their ability to play. And those Russians can play.

In live music news, I’m pumped up for April. I get to see Emperor and At the Gates. Good times ahead.

As always, you can reach me for critique and commentary at Facebook. You can also hit me up if you have a demo you want reviewed.

See everyone in May. Enjoy.

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Album of the Month
Suffering – Devouring Hatred
(Death Metal – Russia)
Self-Released – 2019/01/03

This demo is all about demonstrating how good this band could be with a bit of production support. They aim to be blackened, technical, and progressive; and they swing for the fences to achieve it. Largely eschewing vocals was a sensible idea, because it’s obvious their great strength lies in their score. Super talented stuff.

The Rest in Alphabetical Order
Amdusias – Nocturnal Isolation
(Black Metal – France)
Corpse Torture Records – 2019/03/08

Do me two favours and I will love you forever. The first, ditch the abrupt song endings. The second, never release an album with such a shitty intro again. Once it gets going, this has a malevolently sensual feel to it. Reminds me of Satyricon in a positive way. The flaws are jarring, but they can do this black metal business really well.

Ås – Fortgestank
(Black Metal – Germany)
Self-Released – 2019/02/22

The intensity they manage to introduce into these three songs is seriously impressive. The industrial guitar tone sounds like your brain is full of iron filings and is having electricity blasted through it. And the shrieking vocals are abrasive in a headache inducing way. It approaches black metal in a way that wants to push boundaries.

Deathgod – Demo 2019
(Death Metal – Mexico)
Self-Released – 2019/01/03

I love the “We don’t give a fuck” attitude that permeates through this. It doesn’t wait and leaves nothing behind. Three tracks of pulverising death metal that hits all the high notes while not taking any time out to pad. It’s so taut, you’d think it would snap like an elastic band, but it doesn’t. I have trouble believing this is just a demo.

Internal Purgatory – Demonstration of Apathetic Dissociation
(Atmospheric Black Metal – Australia)
Self-Released – 2019/01/10

Moody intro; a track of fuzzy, dissonant lo-fi; another, longer, track of fuzzy, dissonant lo-fi; a cover track that also leans heavily into fuzzy dissonance; and a moody outro. I enjoyed the experience, but there’s no doubt it’s a one-trick pony. It helps that the one trick is more of a sick kickflip than a worn out ollie.

Orbis Daemonium – Opus Contra Naturam
(Doom Metal – Brazil)
OEO – 2019/03/03

I know the band say they’re black metal, but this demo seemingly dives seamlessly into traditional doom with properly growled vocals. It might be on the heavy end of trad, but it’s performed in a clean, precise way. This is the key to Orbis’ success; this may be a demo, but they’ve made every effort to keep the production as crisp as possible.

Overkill – The Wings of War
(Thrash – United States of America)
Nuclear Blast – 2019/02/22

Old school, good times thrash. Not going to lie, I’ve always found Blitz’s vocals a little tough, but they clicked for me on Wings of War. Good and harsh, they compliment the punkish, bratty thrash perfectly. The whole album rattles with serious groove, but isn’t groove metal. It goes to show that melody done right will always be king.

Scourge Lair – One Hundred Eyes One Hundred Hands
(Blackened Death Metal – Finland)
Self-Released – 2019/03/08

I will always enjoy a band that sound like good Marduk and I’ll sing their praises even louder if they put in the effort to be more than a tired knock off. Congratulations, Scourge Lair, you impressed me. It’s a bit of a slow starter, but you really nailed that clandestine murk meets blitzkrieg dichotomy. I love the sinister fury.

Skullord – In Death
(Doom Metal – Brazil)
Self-Released – 2019/01/01

Come on guys. You play traditional doom. True doom. Not drone. Monotony is not your friend. You live in a realm where the riff should be king, but here the riff is a viscount. It’s power here is far from absolute. That’s a big problem, as there are some good moments on display, but the overall tone is perfunctory at best.

Vomit Spell – Demo 2019
(Deathgrind – Germany)
Lower Class Kids Records – 2019/01/02

Deathgrind loses nothing when performed as raw as this. It takes all the immediacy of grind and marries it to the visceral nature of death metal, while the rough and ready nature of the demo keeps it feral. You might say dangerous. It ensures that the tornado of violence touches ground and tears shit up.

March 2015 Review Round Up

March has been a pretty damn fine month. Psycroptic’s new album is a towering achievement. A focus on songwriting rather than notes per minute delivered an album that is still technical as hell, but is an enjoyable experience.

I chose Leviathan’s Scar Sighted as my honourable mention. Its twisting malevolence cuts deep into the psyche.

Feel free to Facebook me with comments or feedback.

I’m already looking forward to next month. Eyes and ears ever forward.

Album of the Month
Psycroptic – Psycroptic
(Technical death metal – Australia)
Prosthetic Records – 2015/03/09


Trust Psycroptic to expose the flaws in my reviews. I’ve forgotten far too much of my music theory to give this brilliant album the treatment it deserves. It really does have some amazing thingamajigs and some of the whatchamacallits are frankly jaw-dropping. What I can say for sure is that they haven’t just thrown together complicated strings of notes; they have recorded complex marvels that remain at the forefront of memory for hours.
Try before you buy: Cold (YouTube)

Honourable Mention
Leviathan – Scar Sighted
(Black metal – United States of America)
Profound Lore Records – 2015/03/03


This is an album that will steadily improve in my estimation over the year. Every listen uncovers new shades of darkness. Trust Wrest to release an album of inscrutable blackness. His vocals range from the evil to the tortured. Genuinely so across the full range too. Musically, Scar Sighted expertly balances esotericism and malice. This makes for an album that is simultaneously contemplative and destructive. An unmistakable horror.
Try before you buy: Wicked Fields of Calm (Bandcamp)

The Rest in Alphabetical Order
Anti Social Behaviour Order – Anti Social Behaviour Order
(Grindcore – United Kingdom)
Self-released – 2015/03/11


I love grindcore. I don’t love this. Don’t get me wrong, it dots the is, crosses the ts, blasts the beat, and fights the power. It should push all of my grind buttons. But it doesn’t. I just find the whole affair rather uninspiring. The thirteen tracks come and go without leaving an sort of emotional impact. It doesn’t even do enough to make me hate it. It’s another example of a band nailing the genre tropes but doing it in such a trite fashion as to completely kill the atmosphere.
Try before you buy: Eternal Warzone (Bandcamp)

Archelon – I
(Sludge metal – United Kingdom)
Self-released – 2015/03/01


Sludge is a many varied thing; a wide range of sounds are all recognisable as part of the genre. As such it’s often necessary to find a convenient comparison. In this case, Archelon sound a lot like Torche, but where the later channels as much positivity into their thunder pop as possible, the former goes somewhere darker with it. Much darker. I is thoroughly infectious bleakness. You can’t help but be drawn into it, but it takes a heavy toll on the soul.
Try before you buy: Blood on the Sabre (Bandcamp)

Bleed the Pigs/Thetan – Split
(Grindcore – United States of America)
Self-released – 2015/02/27


A fantastic split from Tennessee’s finest noise makers. I wasn’t familiar with Thetan, but they get up close and personal real quick. It was the perfect way to open the split, as their abrasiveness gets the adrenaline flowing and the blood pumping. Bleed the Pigs’ side has more polish, but it’s spit polish so it’s not exactly clean. It’s like Thetan kick in the door and Bleed the Pigs torch the place. They’re different, but they work their violence well in tandem.
Try before you buy: Justified (Bandcamp)

Enforcer – From Beyond
(Speed metal – Sweden)
Nuclear Blast – 2015/02/27


Enforcer write music for the good times, but with From Beyond they managed to top themselves and write music for the best times. Loudest music, fastest cars, fastest women. Part of this transcendental awesomeness is the fact that they’ve finally harnessed the amazing power of restraint. It allows them to hammer out riff after rollicking riff without coming off the rails. It’s a glorious reaffirmation of everything good about heavy metal.
Try before you buy: The Banshee (YouTube)

Enslaved – In Times
(Progressive black metal – Norway)
Nuclear Blast – 2015/03/06


From start to finish, In Times soars to the towering heights of majesty. The interplay between the blackened growls and the clean vocals only serves to highlight their strengths. The guitar work is spectacular: intricate, sophisticated, and always engaging. The keyboards, bass, and drums shouldn’t be undersold either. All the elements are perfectly combined into six tracks of unrelenting precision. Black metal is rarely this awe-inspiring.
Try before you buy: One Thousand Years of Rain (Soundcloud)

Ēōs – Ēōs
(Drone doom – United States of America)
Self-released – 2015/01/01


This is glacial doom at its finest. In many ways it reminds me of The Ocean’s amazing, seizure-inducing masterpiece, Pantheon of the Lesser. The key difference is Ēōs layers far more melancholy on top of their misery than The Ocean and their unwholesome preference for misanthropy. Make no mistake though; this is as slow as geological time. It takes a remarkably self-assured band to have such confidence in playing so grave.
Try before you buy: Umwelt (Bandcamp)

Flowers & Fire – Demo
(Post-punk – Canada)
Self-released – 2015/02/24


2014 was hit and miss for post-punk. At least one release made me want to punch the genre in the face. So it’s nice to have a half-decent demo turn up early in the year. Gives me hope that more bands can also get it right. The music is on the goth end of the spectrum, but is delivered with nuance. There’s more than just an abiding love of the Smiths here. The vocals are a stand out; her voice is soulful and raw in all the right places. Gloom done right.
Try before you buy: Etched in Wine (Bandcamp)

Gay Kiss – Preservation Measures
(Noise punk – United States of America)
Sorry State Records – 2015/02/28


Gay Kiss are about as far removed from commercial punk as they can possibly get, and I couldn’t be happier. The up-tempo, blisteringly short tracks are performed with a verve that matches their talent. Layers of distortion and other assorted noise complement the musicianship and make for an experience that is quite unlike the overwhelming majority of punk I come across. At no point is listenability compromised either. Awesomely nasty.
Try before you buy: Fatal Earth (Bandcamp)

Lamentations of the Ashen – Libertine Cyst
(Atmospheric black metal – United States of America)
Sylvan Screams Analogue – 2015/02/24


Welcome to Cocytus in the depths of winter. The lowest plane of Hell belongs to the most damned on the best of days and this is far from that. Hellish winds propel razor-like shards of ice at nightmarish speed, annihilating those few living who could withstand the extradimensional cold. That’s what listening to Libertine Cyst feels like. Its long songs offer only bleakness and despair. This is one of the most horrific hellscapes that has ever seen the light of day.
Try before you buy: II (Bandcamp)

Natanas – Xylophar
(Black metal – United States of America)
Depressive Illusions Records – 2015/03/08


I’m not going to say it’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard, but it does make some famous turds look inspired by comparison. The melodies are repetitive and simplistic. The vocals are insipid attempts at rasps. The synths sound like the owner has only just learned how to turn off the bosa-nova setting. And, at nineteen tracks, it manages to push through self-indulgence and deep into torturous pointlessness. I hate it more than soup skin.
Try before you buy: Lucid (Bandcamp)

Nest – Nest
(Sludge metal – United States of America)
Self-released – 2015/01/12


Never have I come across such a bad omen release. Took me most of the month to review it, as every time I listened to it, something went terribly wrong elsewhere on my life. Coincidence for sure, but it sure got frustrating. It’s a shame I have such dark associations with Nest; it’s actually a pretty remarkable release. Crushing, misanthropic sludge is embellished with avant-garde flourishes. Fiercely challenging but satisfying.
Try before you buy: (Bandcamp)

Pyramids – A Northern Meadow
(Post-black metal – United States of America)
Profound Lore Records – 2015/03/17


A marriage of grace and heaviness now being consummated atop a colossal mountain of disorientation. Pyramids don’t make things easy for the listener. Melodies are unforgivingly intricate, rhythms are monstrously complex, and the vocals are eerily unnerving. But these are not criticisms; A Northern Meadow rewards the listener with the fortitude to endure it. There are times when it seems unconquerable, but the vistas atop the mountain are worth the climb.
Try before you buy: The Substance of Grief is Not Imaginary (Bandcamp)

Rotten Light – II: A Way of Life that You Can’t Understand
(Depressive black metal – Spain)
Depressive Illusions Records – 2015/02/15


This is growing on me. The first selling point is that it actually sounds depressed. So many dsbm acts come across as angry about not being sad; Rotten Light come across as legitimately damaged. There is a monotony to the music too, but it strikes me as intentional. This crafts an atmosphere of crippling bleakness from which there is no escape. It’s not a perfect example of the genre but there are more redeeming features than irritants.
Try before you buy: Dreadful Depression (Bandcamp)

Wojtek – Subsuming the Souls of the Coven into Malignant Entity
(Blackened grindcore – United States of America)
Self-released – 2015/03/08


This is about as ferocious and uncompromising as it gets. Wojtek combine lo-fi grindcore and raw black metal into a howling cacophony of hatred. Grind often comes across like a punch in the face or a brutal assault; Subsuming is like being stuck in a tornado, being buffeted from every angle while being torn apart by the uncontrollable energy. To say it’s intense is a massive understatement. Unrelenting murderous intent is more apt.
Try before you buy: Suffocating Despair (Bandcamp)

March Review Round Up

Happy April, everybody. As you can tell I never got around to writing longer reviews. I do like my blurbs though.

Come March 31, I was prepared to hand over my album of the month gong to Tengger Cavalry and their frankly fantastic Ancient Call. But then Plebeian Grandstand came along and blew away all competition. Tengger Cavalry and, now, fellow runner up El Hambre are both fantastic, but Plebeian Grandstand are something else again.

To make up for the previous two months’ lack of links, I’ll post them now. I try to link to official sites, but sometimes it’s just not an option.

Aleph Null: Bandcamp
AlNamrood: YouTube
Amaranthine Lament: Bandcamp
Amnesian: Bandcamp
Behemoth: Official YouTube
Castration Rite/Nihilistic Holiday: Bandcamp (there’s a link to Nihilistic Holiday’s page there too)
Corpsessed: Bandcamp
Cynic: YouTube
Decades/Failures: Bandcamp
Dragons Bane: Bandcamp
Gilla Bruja: Bandcamp
Grand Magus: YouTube
Jackals: Bandcamp
Kindergarten Hazing Ritual: Bandcamp (the Cedric’s Lettuce part of the split is there too)
巨人大虐殺 [Kyojin Daigyakusatsu]: Bandcamp
Larvae: Bandcamp
Lascaille’s Shroud: Bandcamp
Lazarus Blackstar: Bandcamp (the Black Shape of Nexus part is there too)
Parfumerie: Bandcamp
Perfect Beauty: Bandcamp
The Seaford Monster: Bandcamp
Sun Worship: Bandcamp
Sunn O))) & Ulver: Bandcamp
Thou: Bandcamp
The Vintage Caravan: Bandcamp
Waldgeflüster: Bandcamp

Album of the Month
Plebeian Grandstand – Lowgazers
(Technical black metal – France)
Throatruiner Records – 2014/03/31


I haven’t been this impressed by a black metal album this decade. Demented time signatures are overlaid with uncompromising riffs that border on the mathematical in complexity. It’s a combination of avant-garde darkness and technical fury that creates an atmosphere of relentless misanthropy. This doesn’t simply follow the genre forerunners; it forges a new path. Stunning blackened perfection.
Try before you buy: Flail in the Bliss (Bandcamp)

Honourable Mentions
铁骑 [Tengger Cavalry] – 远古呼唤 / Ancient Call
(Blackened folk metal – China)
Metal Hell Records – 2014/02/01


I cannot sing the praises of this band loudly enough. The combination of black metal fury and traditional Mongolian music works so well; it’s entirely befitting to celebrate a warrior culture of the frozen steppe. Ancient Call is more blackened than their last album, but it is still an utter joy to listen to. Where Black Steed was a homage to high plains riders, Ancient Call takes said riders to dark, supernatural realms.
Try before you buy: Hymn of the Earth (Bandcamp)

El Hambre – El Hambre
(Grindcore – Spain)
Self-released – 2014/01/13


What a shameless tease. Five damn tracks, that’s all they give us. Five. Damn. Tracks. And then it’s gone. This is a short, sharp shock of blistering grind, that roughs you up and is gone before you know what happened. I love grindcore for its absolute immediacy and El Hambre is right there, in your face, not giving you the choice to back down. I just wish it was longer. Five tracks of violence isn’t enough.
Try before you buy: Valkiria (Bandcamp)

The Rest in Alphabetical Order
Amora – Violence is Human
(Thrash – Australia)
Self-released – 2014/03/28


Amora boldly goes where thrash has gone before. I hear the Big Four, the Teutonic three, and all manner of other notable thrashers in their rhythms. It’s essentially a tribute band dedicated to the genre. But, damn it, I just love this e.p. It may be derivative, but it’s put together so well I don’t even care. It’s fast, heavy, and intelligently constructed. It’s a release that celebrates the high energy history of thrash.
Try before you buy: For Those Slain (Bandcamp)

Black i Dekker – Demo
(Powerviolence – Spain)
Self-released – 2014/01/28


Short songs? Check. Abrasive vocals? Sandpapery indeed. Distortion galore? Yep. A non-commital attitude to time signatures? Very non-commital actually. This demo is packed with what I have come to expect from powerviolence. So what does it do to differentiate itself from the rest? The no guitar approach is a nice touch. Bass, drum, and vox is all this band needs. Occasionally samey, but a fine first effort.
Try before you buy: Estilo Reputado De Hoy (Bandcamp)

ExVx – Contra Violence
(Venncore – United States of America)
Self-released – 2014/03/04


Venncore: the crossroads of grindcore, hardcore, and powerviolence. The songs are short, fast, and punk as fuck. They are also backed up with awesome selection of samples, starting the e.p. with a quote from a juggalo documentary and rounding it out with some South Park. It’s a whirlwind of sound that still remains balanced and coherent. That the band can keep the reins on this fury is impressive.
Try before you buy: Parochial (Bandcamp)

Hashe – El Espíritu del Árbol Muerto
(Atmospheric black metal – Chile)
Self-released – 2014/03/06


The trick to good atmospheric black metal is striking the balance between the atmosphere and the fury. Hashe weaves a strong thread of sinister ambience through his songs, demonstrating that it’s actually possible to have keyboard driven black metal that leaves an emotional mark. This isn’t just an album for the frozen heart of winter, but also for the thin air of altitude. This is exposure given a score.
Try before you buy: El Llamado de los Viejos Robles y Alerces (Bandcamp)

Istrulity – Realm of Disturbed Hopes
(Death thrash – Serbia)
Self-released – 2014/03/06


Once again, the difference between critical me and the rest of me rears its head. Only, this time, critical me is reminding the rest of me that just because a band plays a brand of music I’m partial too, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fantastic. That being said, Istrulity do play an entertaining brand of midpaced, heavy-end thrash. It’s just a little bit derivative. Pretty good for a demo though.
Try before you buy: R.I.P (Return is Possible) (Bandcamp)

Licrest – Misery
(Doom death – United States of America)
Self-released – 2014/03/01


I like what this one man band is trying to do. It’s a tad generic, but it’s still likeable. There’s a nice, crisp guitar tone and the drumming lays down a sinister undertone. But those vocals are a real enthusiasm killer. Or at least they are for roughly half the tracks. The problem is the album straddles the line between doom and doom death, and the vocals don’t fit with the songs on the doom side of the fence. Stick to the death.
Try before you buy: I Want to Watch You Die (Bandcamp)

Limbs Bin – Only Toture
(Harsh Noise – United States of America)
Self-released – 2014/01/03


How would you review 52 tracks of feedback only distinguishable by the occasional shift in tone and the garble of lyrics? How would you pick just one track out of the maddening clatter of similarities? As luck would have it, a guy drove past me during this period of doubt, listening to skip hop, and I realised that Only Torture was still more listenable than that. It challenged rather than bored me.
Try before you buy: Holy Grove (Bandcamp)

Lurid Reign – Omniscient in the Realm of Despair
(Depressive suicidal black metal – Canada)
SomberLife Productions – 2014/03/21


My experiences with dsbm, while admittedly limited, indicate that a key element to the subgenre is seduction. Not with the swagger of rock or the sleaze of glam; it’s more like the drag of succubi claws across naked flesh. Dark and painful, yet undeniably alluring. With that in mind, this four track homage to Transylvanian Hunger era Darkthrone didn’t tick the boxes. Depressingly unoriginal.
Try before you buy: Awakened From Inside (Bandcamp)

Masses – Horde Mentality
(Post-punk – Australia)
Rust and Machine Records – 2014/01/31


Press play and find yourself transported to the early 80s and soak up the vibes of a band that sounds like it could be on the same bill as Killing Joke. Hard to believe they’re Melbournians. The guitar tone is ethereal, yet jaunty. To me it sounds like the saddest surf rock band ever. And the twin male/female leads ensure the traditionally dissonant post-punk vocals have a depth of tone. A genuinely enjoyable patch of sonic shadow.
Try before you buy: Blind (Bandcamp)

Multinational Corporations – Jamat-al-Maut
(Grindcore – Pakistan)
Self-released – 2014/03/23


Mid-paced grind. It’s a phrase that should be as abhorrent as easy-listening thrash. But these up and comers from Pakistan do it surprisingly well. It’s like they’ve taken Diatribes era Napalm Death and reintroduced the punk to it. It’s a sound that has a lot of potential, but they need to beef it up, as it sounds a little bit too stripped back right now. It’s anticapitalist grind in desperate need of funds for stomp boxes.
Try before you buy: White Collar Communism (Bandcamp)

Nightfell – The Living Ever Mourn
(Frankenmetal – United States of America)
Parasitic Records – 2014/02/03


I think at its core The Living Ever Mourn is a black metal album, but the blending of additional doom, death, crust, and gothic elements make it an experience that goes much deeper than traditional blackened tropes. In lesser hands this genre melding would be a disjointed listening experience but this two piece handles it with aplomb. This is an album that demonstrates the true sophistication that metal can achieve.
Try before you buy: The Hollowing (Bandcamp)

Satvrnia Tellvs – De Constantia Sapientis
(Blackened something something – Italy)
Self-released – 2014/03/10


Ugh. Generic black metal trying to disguise its generic nature by using generic flourishes. Generic. I first thought it was trying to be black ‘n’ roll, then I thought it was blackened power metal. Finally, I came to the realisation that, at its core, De Constantia Sapientis is nothing more than black metal suffering an identity crisis. The synths and the solos can’t truly cover what is essentially very mundane.
Try before you buy: De Ira (Bandcamp)

Storm{O} – Sospesi Nel Vuoto Bruceremo In Un Attimo E Il Cerchio Sarà Chiuso
(Post-hardcore – Italy)
Shove et al – 2014/02/21


A minor critique to start off with: the vocals occasionally sound disconnected from the rest of the music. Once past that I was able to truly appreciate one of the better post-hardcore albums to appear of late. Better because it’s not hung up on ‘feelings’. Better because it’s ‘post’ in the technical sense. Better because these guys play with a grindcore-esque intensity. Best 0.50€ I’ve spent really.
Try before you buy: D’istanti (Bandcamp)

Voidcraeft – Disgust
(Black metal – Germany)
Self-released – 2014/02/18


This German one piece act openly name drops Deathspell Omega and Portal as influences on his work and it shows. This twenty seven and a half minute, two track excursion into madness drips with the avant-garde esotericism that make the French misanthropes and Aussie cultists notorious. Voidcraeft is not a creation of stolen riffs however. It is a creature that embodies the primal chaos that exists beyond.
Try before you buy: Where There is No Image (SoundCloud)

Winterfiend – Forest of the Full Moon
(Raw black metal – United States of America)
Self-released – 2014/03/18


Paleolithic production values, a drum kit consisting of a snare and a cymbal, no bass, vocals that sound like they were recorded at distance, and a one guitar tremolo assault – yep, it’s raw. This necro demo is firmly in the ‘no mosh, no fun’ mould of black metal. Which means that it paints with a very restricted palette. Ensuring suitable levels of cvltness and trveness doesn’t allow for innovation.
Try before you buy: Vomit the Blood of Christ (Bandcamp)

X-Box Murder – In the First Circle
(Death metal – Ukraine)
Self-released – 2014/03/30


In many ways, this Ukrainian band reminds me of Devildriver. Born out of the ashes of a nu metal act, the new band actually puts out pretty solid death metal. But where Devildriver put out Florida-esque death, X-Box Murder sound distinctly Polish. This came as a surprise, as they self-describe as techdeath and deathcore, which this release certainly isn’t. Hardly groundbreaking, but fun nonetheless.
Try before you buy: Kelvin (Bandcamp)